A Beginner's Guide to Crystals

Posted on January 9th, 2023.

"In turbulent times, many of us harness ways to feel grounded, to calm anxiety and soothe stress, so it's not surprising that alternative therapies like crystal healing have come to the fore. The concept of using crystals to heal has been around for centuries but, with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr speaking publicly about their belief in the practice, it's had a more mainstream resurgence in recent years. And, as with most trends reentering the zeitgeist, social media has played a huge part in its popularity – in more ways than one.

""What I have seen these last few years especially is this deeper need to connect,"" says crystal healer Emma Lucy Knowles. ""I really feel the rise of social media has helped more people rediscover a sense of community as well as a sense of confidence in who they are. But on the other, we have become reliant on that fix, that energy hit from a small computer in our hand that never really fulfils us fully with that nourishing connection that the heart, soul and mind need. So, we seek deeper and scroll further searching in the wrong spaces.""

Cue mother nature ""and her abundance of goodies"" – from plant power to crystal vibrations – presenting deeper-rooted connections. ""Crystals allow us, quite effortlessly, to move fresh energy into the being, offering internal connectivity that enhances your external connectivity,"" Knowles says. ""More and more people are tuning into how that energy can be beneficial.""

But how does it all work? We spoke to Knowles and other experts in the field to find out everything a beginner needs to know...

What exactly is crystal healing?

Healer Michelle Roques-O'Neil, who has worked with crystals for more than 20 years, explains that ""crystals are different combinations of minerals that help purify, balance and realign by working with our bioenergetic systems"".

Judy Hall, in her work, The Little Book of Crystals, writes that crystals are said to ""have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance"" that gives them special properties. As a result, ""they act like tuning forks,"" helping bring ""harmony"" to the ""very unstable energy field of the human body"".

Put simply, crystal healing involves using gemstones to bring balance to an individual's life and mind.

The benefits of crystals

The proposed healing benefits of crystals predominantly surround areas of mental wellbeing; including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity and focus, as well as enhanced immunity and natural pain relief.

Individual crystals are also known to have their own special energies that can align to different areas of your life, with their shape and colour – as well as their type – affecting their influence.

The celebrity crystal obsession

Today's crystal craze has been amplified by the famous and influential, who increasingly share their possession of semi-precious stones and participation in using them for self-care. Adele, for example, has been open about her battle with stage fright before shows and is frequently quoted talking about her use of crystals to calm her nerves. As someone who doesn't present as particularly 'woo woo', her endorsement serves to validate their benefits for those who are crystal-curious but might not be knowledgeable on energetic traditions like acupuncture, yoga or ayurveda.

Victoria Beckham is another A-list fan, telling Allure that she travels with her crystals because she's ""quite a superstitious person"", and reportedly uses them backstage at her fashion shows. ""I've got all different colours,"" she said. Likewise, Naomi Campbell is said to keep black tourmaline and a rose quartz in her bag as symbols of protection and love, while Miranda Kerr quite literally keeps her crystals close to heart. 

Original Post: Harper's Bazaar 

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